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    Siemens Integrated Drive Systems are the world‘s first true one-stop solution for entire drive trains. They enable noticeably shorter time to market and shorter time to profit. Integrating seamlessly in any drive train, any automation environment, and even in the entire lifecycle, Siemens Integrated Drive Systems turn common drive components into drive systems and make mere assets become drivers of success. Siemens Integrated Drive Systems are guaranteed to shift your perspective on drive systems.

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    The FLENDER® helical and bevel-helical gear unit portfolio is by far the most comprehensive range of industrial gear units in the world. It includes a multifaceted range of universal gear units, application-specific gear units and customer-specific solutions.

    Today, our standardized industrial gear units are especially important due to their high level of availability, their quality and their attractive price-performance ratio. The reliable and highly sophisticated FLENDER universal solutions are the measure of all things for machinery and plant manufacturers in the global gear unit industry. This range of models has it all.

    Our selection of universal gear unit designs is perfectly supplemented by a wide range of standard options such as motor bell housings, backstops and taconite seals. For this reason, our portfolio provides a nearly unlimited variety of design options. The gear units’ compact design, the choice between horizontal and vertical installation, the various mounting types (base- or shaft-mounted gear units) and the simple attachment of auxiliary components provide you with maximum flexibility when designing your plant.
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    Diversity and flexibility – the application solutions

    With its range of FLENDER helical gear units, today, Siemens has by far the largest number of application-specific solutions and is thus able to meet almost all drive technology requirements in hundreds of industrial and raw material extraction applications.

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    Founded in 1944, the RINGSPANN Group is one of the leading suppliers of Power Transmission, Work Holding Technology and Remote Control Systems. RINGSPANN (U.K.) LTD. (a subsidiary of the RINGSPANN Group) based in Bedford was established in 1970 to service the growing demand from the U.K. market and has since then supplied premium quality power transmission products such as brakes, freewheels and shaft locking solutions to major blue chip manufacturers in most industry sectors.

    These products are robust, reliable and offer the most cost effective low maintenance solution giving the lowest total cost of ownership possible to OEM’s and users alike in industries such as Renewable Energy, Mechanical Handling, Quarrying, Mining, Packaging, Process and Power Generation to name but a few.

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    Radicon has 150+ years of engineering experience and an accumulated expertise that enables a wide range of products, services and solutions to be offered into a vast array of industries. Formally a division within David Brown, Radicon is now owned by Elecon Engineering, Asia’s largest and fastest growing gear manufacturer.

    The Radicon business has a head office in the UK, but has sales and manufacturing locations throughout Europe, Asia, Australasia and North America. This constantly growing global footprint is backed up by a commitment within the business of building long lasting relationships and partnerships that work and succeed for all interested parties.

    The Radicon product range not only consists of the traditional standard product offering of worm gears, geared motors and industrial reducers, but also includes custom engineered gearboxes with an output torque range over 6 million Nm. The product range is all backed up by a recently expanded service division, which offers both on site and off site repairs to all makes and brand of gearbox either current or obsolete.


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    Production Glassfibre is the United Kingdoms leading general moulder of GRP parts and products. Operating from modern factories in England and Scotland, employing more than 250 people and providing a complete service from pattern making to production, the company has a record of continual growth resulting from a customer focused culture.

    Capable of organising and managing the longest production runs, competent to undertake the largest one-off projects, creative enough to complete the most intricate artworks, Production Glassfibre has more extensive experience and more obvious commitment than any other company in it’s industry.

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    Unilathe, established back in 1977 by its present owners, is today centrally located in the heart of England, on its own 7 acre Business Park, in Ford Green, Stoke on Trent, England.

    This houses a modern, purpose built offices and manufacturing complex, with just under 100,000 sq.ft. of machining, fabricating, assembly and finishing space, and 120/130 highly skilled staff; which not only caters for industries such as aerospace, offshore oil and gas and rail, but is quickly expandable to handle future increases in customer demand.

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    Gurit has established itself as a developer and innovator in the composites industry and positioned itself as the leading global supplier of composite materials, engineering services, tooling equipment, and select parts and systems.

    Over 30 years experience in the practical application of composites across various market sectors and projects, from small parts to large-scale structures, combined with a unique technical approach enables Gurit to offer the complete composite solution.

    Gurit offers a truly global presence with offices, manufacturing sites and a network of distributors across Europe, North and South America, the Middle East, China, Australia, New Zealand and India.