In order for us to produce a wind resource assessment & payback report please complete the form below. Using industry standard software we will provide you with the sites total energy production, annual feed-in tariff revenue (if appl.), annual export revenue and a twenty year net revenue projection based on the sites predicted wind speed.

Wind resource assessment & payback report

  • In order to generate an accurate wind speed report it is important we can calculate the average wind speed correctly. Please provide the exact proposed location for the wind turbine. Complete the cordinate fields below or attach a Google map / placemarker with the location clearly marked.

  • Upload any supporting files. Such as Google earth markers or maps. Max 5mb.
    Individual performance may vary dependent on installation location and other factors. Our estimator is merely meant to provide you with an estimation of your projected return. Detailed financial calculations should NOT be made on this estimation tool. UK wind speeds are based on the NOABL wind speed database available from the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC).
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